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Modern Performance (MPx) Intercooler Focus ST 2013+

Modern Performance (MPx) Intercooler Focus ST 2013+

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When you start driving aggressively, your factory intercooler will heat soak and not dissipate heat as well as it should. Also, when you increase the boost with a tune, your intake air temps will go up dramatically. Installing a intercooler helps to cool down the air intake temps and regain power, but most importantly after several pulls, this intercooler will continue to lower the air intake temp charges.

This intercooler utilizes a intercooler core that is 24 inches wide, 8 inches tall, and 3.5 inches deep. Instead of using cheesy thin brackets to support the intercooler like some other companies have made, we use heavy duty 1/4 inch thick welded brackets. These brackets attach to the factory crash bar points on the top, and on the bottom to the core support. 

Next, one of the most challenging parts of making this intercooler for the Focus ST was the lack of room on the passenger side between the air conditioning compressor and the core support. Instead of using simple to make round aluminum intercooler outlet piping like other companies, we made our outlet piping with 4 ply, super strong silicone hosing. Near the AC compressor, the silicone hose is molded in such a way that it will not affect air flow, but gives more room so under hard driving you wont have your AC compressor smashing into the intercooler piping.

There is no cutting of anything on your car to install this, and you can keep your factory crash bar for safety with this intercooler.



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