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ATM Holey Cowl Intake Kit Abarth/500T 2012+

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Ambient Thermal Management is proud to offer the ULTIMATE cold air intake for the Fiat 500 Abarth and Turbo. Instead of sucking hot air in from the engine bay you can now draw in cold air from the cowl!

DEVELOPMENT- Prior to laying out an intake design for the Fiat 500 Abarth, ATM data-logged filter location temperatures under many circumstances. We searched for the coolest location which remained cool under the most driving variables. As a result of this testing, we concluded that the cowl location is superior to all other filter locations.

Now that we had the filter location, we needed a conduit to flow the air. From past experience, we knew that multiple-ply silicone is superior to most other materials for its minimal thermal conductivity while remaining pliable. This means that it insulates from hot under hood temps while having some play for installation differences between cars and minimizing noises.

After choosing the best filter location and an optimal insulating duct, we now needed to optimize airflow. We developed a custom billet aluminum bellmouth for the filter to silicone connection. To complement this bellmouth, we had a custom filter manufactured to our specifications. This filter features maximum surface area and a laminar flow cone ensuring unrestricted performance.

The final result of all of this research and development is HORSEPOWER!!!!


  • Cleanable 8-Layer Cotton Media Filter
  • Multi-ply silicone piping isolates colder Air Inlet Temperatures (AIT's) from hot underhood air temperatures
  • Quicker and better AIT recovery maintains a lower AIT overall.
  • Better flowing than the stock intake, resulting in faster turbo spooling and a higher torque curve.
  • Increases intake air density/WHP and decreases susceptibility to detonation.
  • Features a machined (factory-like clip in) EVAP fitting, boost solenoid return fitting, and PCV fitting with extension hose.


Available in Red or Black Silicone



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