034 Motorsport Billet Upper Dogbone Insert MK7/MK8 GTI/Golf R

034 Motorsport Billet Upper Dogbone Insert MK7/MK8 GTI/Golf R

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The 034 Motorsport MQB Upper Dogbone Mount Insert (patent pending) is required for any MQB platform vehicle using an aftermarket dogbone mount and dogbone mount insert.  Aggressive driving that causes violent drivetrain movement, such as burn-outs that induce wheel-hop, will cause the upper and lower dogbone mounts to exert a bending moment on the dogbone mount arm, causing it to bend, and in some cases fail.  When this failure occurs, the bottom of the engine is unconstrained and the engine will cause damage to other components in the engine bay.  The 034 Motorsport MQB Upper Dogbone Mount Insert eliminates these bending forces, allowing the dogbone mount to perform as designed during these violent events.

An aftermarket billet spherical dogbone mount combined with a dogbone mount insert dramatically improves the feel and responsiveness of the drivetrain during spirited driving.  However, this combination of modifications, coupled with the design constraints of the MQB dogbone mount pucks, have revealed a scenario that applies forces to the dogbone mount arm that it was not designed for.

The lower dogbone mount insert limits compliance of the lower dogbone mount puck by filling large voids in the puck.  During normal and spirited driving, this reduction in compliance results in more direct transitional response of the drivetrain to accelerative and decelerative forces.  The driver feels more direct throttle response through the drivetrain without introducing a significant amount of NVH.


  • Patent Pending design is unique to the MQB platform
  • Machined from billet 6061 aluminum
  • Clear anodized finish for protection from the elements
  • Eliminates rotation of the dogbone mount assembly
  • Prevents bending and breaking of dogbone mount assembly


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