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034 Motorsport Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms MK7/MK8 GTI/Golf R

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The 034Motorsport Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms for MQB Audis and Volkswagens are engineered to significantly improve the handling performance of Mk7/8 Volkswagen Golf/GTI/Golf R and 8V/8V.5/8Y Audi A3/S3/RS3 models. Designed as a true drop-in upgrade for the factory stamped steel control arms, the Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms provide an additional 0.5 degrees of caster and allow for approximately 1.2 degrees of increased negative camber adjustment, while also dropping 1.5lbs per corner due to their forged aluminum construction. Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms utilize 034Motorsport Density Line Bushings to reduce deflection and improve handling precision beyond factory levels.

Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms also add 0.5 degree of additional caster to each of the front wheels to improve high-speed stability and cornering ability. This addition of positive caster increases dynamic negative camber while cornering, maximizing the available grip when turning.

Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms are the ideal solution for enthusiasts in search of enhanced handling performance, confidence-inspiring grip, precise steering response, and maximum stability throughout turns. Equally well-suited for the street and track, Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms deliver a perfect balance of performance, durability, and comfort. Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms were tested extensively on the street and at the track with multiple MQB & Development Vehicles before release to ensure that they deliver excellent performance and durability.


*Note: Adjustment ranges collected on 034Motorsport MK7 GTI running 034Motorsport Lowering Springs. All customers should verify thread engagement for tie rods depending on their setups/subframe misalignment. The minimum thread engagement is 10 threads (not including the jamb nut). *

  • Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms:
    • Camber: -1.3° to -2.5°
    • Caster: 7.5°
  • Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms & Dynamic+ Camber Mount
    • Camber: -2.0° to -3.4°
    • Caster: 8°
  • Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms & Dynamic+ Camster Mount
    • Camber: -2.1° to -3.5°
    • Caster: 9.0°
  • Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms & Dynamic+ RCO Ball Joints (Requires Extended Tie Rods, Coming Soon!)
    • Camber: -2.3° to -3.7°
    • Caster: 8.0°
  • Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms, Dynamic+ RCO Ball Joints & Dynamic+ Camber Mount
    • Camber: -3.0° to -4.4°
    • Caster: 7.5°
  • Dynamic+ RCO Control Arms, Dynamic+ RCO Ball Joints & Dynamic+ Camster Mount
    • Camber: -3.1° to -4.5°
    • Caster: 8.5°


  • Adjustable Camber range from Stock to an additional -0.5°
  • Additional Caster of ~0.5°
  • Forged Aluminum for Strength and Lightweight
    • Stock 6lbs 4oz
    • 034 RCO Arms: 4lbs 12oz
  • Utilizes Density Bushings to Help Reduce Deflection, Maintaining Proper Alignment Under Load
  • Direct Replacement of OE Arms
  • Compatible with:
    • 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Camster Mount Pair, Volkswagen & Audi MQB and MQB Evo (034-601-1023)
    • 034Motorsport Dynamic+ RCO - Camber & Roll Center Adjusting Ball Joints, Volkswagen & Audi MQB and MQB Evo (034-401-4013)


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