034 Motorsport Dynamic+ Tuning ECU Software UPGRADE MK8 GTI

034 Motorsport Dynamic+ Tuning ECU Software UPGRADE MK8 GTI

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Andrew Aikman
Smooth and fast tune, easy setup

I bought the Stage 1 ECU and TCU tune and I have tested all three low torque maps for the ECU tune as my TCU is still locked as of 5/2024. We don’t have 91 Octane where I live, but it did well with 93 Octane. The 93 tune is magnificent with lots of pops and bangs when you want them. The E85 tune is quick as hell and it’s usually what I stick with. Zero reliability issues whatsoever, my GTI now drives like it should have from the factory!


034Motorsport Dynamic+ Performance Tuning Software for the MK8 Volkswagen GTI equipped with the EA888 Gen 4 2.0T inline-four engine is designed to transform the driving experience of your vehicle! Flashed directly through your vehicles OBD-II port, 034Motorsports proprietary calibrations for the ECU and TCU safely and effectively increase the power output of the turbocharged inline-four in a refined manner. The result is a significant improvement in acceleration and throttle response without sacrificing drivability or reliability.

Included at no extra cost is the Stage 1 Dynamic+ Performance TCU Software for MK8 Volkswagen GTI equipped with the DQ381 G2 7-Speed DSG transmission. At an extra cost, upgrade to the Stage 2 TCU Tuning to further enhance the shifting and acceleration of your DSG Equipped 2.0T! Flashed directly through your vehicles OBD-II port, 034Motorsports proprietary calibrations for the DQ381 G2 TCU safely and effectively raise the torque limits of the DSG, allowing your car to make use of Stage 1 Performance Software.

034Motorsport Dynamic+ offers manual transmission users Low Torque files to maximize performance and the clutch life of stock clutch equipped manual MK8 GTIs. These files are included at no additional cost for all octanes!

Stock: 262 HP / 306 TQ
Stage 1 91: 355 HP / 412 TQ
Stage 1 91 Low Torque: 350 HP / 355 TQ
Stage 1 93: 366 HP / 428 TQ
Stage 1 93 Low Torque: 371 HP / 365 TQ
Stage 1 E85: 394 HP / 418 TQ
Stage 1 E85 Low Torque: 387 HP / 383 TQ

Stage 2 91: 366 HP / 425 TQ
Stage 2 91 Low Torque: 367 HP / 361 TQ
Stage 2 93: 389 HP / 437 TQ
Stage 2 93 Low Torque: 377 HP / 373 TQ
Stage 2 E85: 407 HP / 457 TQ
Stage 2 E85 Low Torque: 384 HP / 374 TQ

Stage 3R 91: 404 HP / 392 TQ
Stage 3R 91 Low Torque: 400 HP / 374 TQ
Stage 3R 93: 454 HP / 444 TQ
Stage 3R 93 Low Torque: 428 HP / 377 TQ
Stage 3R E85: 481 HP / 488 TQ
Stage 3R E85 Low Torque: 447 HP / 383 TQ


Stage 1 TCU Flash Features:

  • Torque Safety Strategy Enhancements
  • Clutch Pressure Increase

Stage 2 & 3R TCU Flash Features:

  • Torque Safety Strategy Enhancements
  • Clutch Pressure Increase
  • Optimized Shift Points
  • Improved Shifting Speeds
  • Launch Control Optimizations

    ECU Flashing Requirements:

    • For MK8 GTI Only
    • Includes TCU Tune
    • Windows 7 or Windows 10 PC with Available USB Port.**
    • Power Supply for Laptop
    • Secure Wired (Or Very Stable WiFi) High-Speed Internet Connection
    • Battery charger/tender capable of maintaining +12v while flashing
    • Available Electrical Outlets


    ** Windows 7 is no longer being supported by Microsoft and we cannot guaranty any form of compatibility with it moving forward. The Windows OS must also have all current required updates and patches as provided by Microsoft and the automated update processes.


    The E85 calibration is not a flex-fuel style tune. The tune will work with E85 directly from the pump, both summer and winter blends (ethanol content can vary from E60-E85). This tune requires only E85 be pumped into the fuel tank. Gasoline blends and race fuel mixtures should not be used, and engine damage could occur if the incorrect fuel or octane is used. We strongly recommend an ethanol content gauge be used so that you can monitor the actual ethanol content at the pump you are using.

    When switching fuels, it takes about 20-30 minutes of normal driving for the new tank of fuel to fully circulate through the system when filled at E. Please minimize load (dont floor it!) until you have driven the car for at least 30 minutes. Ethanol content analyzers installed close to the fuel rail will also help you see when the ethanol has fully run through the system.

    Some late model 2022 vehicles are equipped with a TCU Box Code version that we do not currently have support for. If you have a 2022 vehicle and would like to confirm support of your vehicle, please gather the ECU & TCU Box Code and Software Version and send them to us at tuning@034motorsport.com for verification.


    • This product is sold for racing and off-road use only.
    • This product is not CARB or EPA compliant, this product is not authorized for use in California on smog controlled vehicles.
    • By purchasing this product, you understand this product is sold for competition use on closed roads and is not legal for use in highway or street vehicles.


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