034 Motorsport Turbo Inlet Hose MK8 Golf R

034 Motorsport Turbo Inlet Hose MK8 Golf R

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The 034Motorsport Turbo Inlet Hose for the Volkswagen Mk8 Golf R8 & 8Y Audi S3 is designed to replace the unattractive and restrictive OEM corrugated plastic turbo inlet hose. The 034Motorsport Turbo Inlet Hose smoothly transitions from the intake to the turbo inlet pipe, providing increased airflow capability to support other power-improving modifications. Wire reinforcement ensures the 034Motorsport Turbo Inlet Hose retains its shape, resisting vacuum-induced collapse when turbocharger air demand is increased.


  • Increased Induction Sound & Improved Performance
    • OE Inlet Hose: 563 CFM @ 28in of H20
    • 034 Inlet Hose: 732 CFM @ 28in of H20
  • Wire-Reinforced Multi-Ply Silicone Construction
  • Maintains Smooth Inside Surface for Optimum Flow
  • Eliminates Restrictive Factory Flex Corrugation for Improved Performance
  • CNC Machined, Billet Turbo Recirculation Adapter
  • Direct Drop-In Replacement of Factory Hose


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