aFe Power Quantum Cold Air Intake Ford Ranger 2019 +

aFe Power Quantum Cold Air Intake Ford Ranger 2019 +

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  • Features silicone intake tubing
  • Adds up to +9 Horsepower and +9 lb-ft. of Torque
  • Has measured flow of 300 CFM @ 7" H2O
  • Outflows Factory Intake by 22%
  • Quick and Easy Install
The 2019 + Ford Ranger's 2.3L Ecoboost engine has been impressive addition to their new midsize truck, but if you're like us, then you will want to get the most power and efficiency out of your engine. Afe Power takes pride in its quality Quantum Pro 5R Cold Air Intake as one of their most innovative, efficient designs yet. Beyond the high-flow Quantum Pro 5R air filter, this highly advanced intake system uses flexible silicon intake tubing and a special integrated filter-to-housing design for positive surface area seal and easy installation.

Every component in aFe Power's Quantum Pro 5R Cold Air Intake uses a 5" flange and a pre-oiled, five-layered cotton gauzed Pro 5R media for the best Ranger experience. It is designed to increase the flow of cold air through your intake and into your engine. This intake offers a measured flow of 300 CFM at 7" H2O. As a a matter of fact, you will get 22% increase of flow over a factory intake. The intake also adds up to +9 Horsepower and +9 lb-ft. of Torque. This makes your truck have the best possible street use. The filter additionally features an injection molded base and top to offer durability but at a light weight. The filter's base provides even more air flow with a three-angle velocity stack that effectively uses four captive screws to attach to the housing. At the other end, the filter's top possesses more surface area due to its inverted design; this extends the lifespan of your filter before maintenance is needed.

In order to stand the test of wear and tear, this cold air intake uses a tough silicone intake tube. The tube is reinforced with three layers of nylon material to ensure its durability. The tube additionally features two port holes for a vacuum port fitting from your stock intake and another for an air temperature adapter.



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