AGP Big Wheel Stocker (BWS) Turbo Focus ST 2013+

AGP Big Wheel Stocker (BWS) Turbo Focus ST 2013+

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If you have a 2013+ Ford Focus ST with full bolt on performance parts (IE, air intake, intercooler, downpipe, tune and exhaust), then you have basically maxed out the power potential of the car.

Do you want to make more power without going to a big turbo? This is a turbo that is budget friendly and keeps your ST fun to drive.

This turbo has it’s advantages. 

  • 1) Cost- this is way less than more expensive big turbo options.
  • 2) Appearance - this looks like a factory turbo, so even though its very difficult to see the factory turbo on the backside of the ST, if someone happens to see it, they'll assume its stock.
  • 3) Because it has the same size inlet and outlets, you can keep all of your factory charge piping and run whatever intake you have thats designed to work with the factory turbo.
  • 4) Response - because this turbo has a larger intake compressor wheel, but the same size exhaust wheel, you get a larger volume of air being moved for the same amount of exhaust flow compared to stock. This means you have minimal lag over the factory turbo.

  • With this turbo, you simply bolt it on, and then get a custom ESP tune for your ST. We saw a gain on 30whp by simply adding this turbo, custom spring Turbosmart wastegate, and a ESP tune. We went from 280whp to 310whp with only changing the stock turbo to the AGP BWS. This is a good options for people who want a little more horsepower than the stock turbo.

    ***This is not a big turbo replacement. 


    This kit is a turbo cartridge and cast inlet and outlet. You reuse your factory turbo exhaust manifold and internal wastegate (you can upgrade to one of our custom spring wastegate if you would like) 





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