APR Intercooler MK7/MK8 GTI/Golf R

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The APR Intercooler System is a OEM-location upgrade that dramatically reduces intake air temperature (IAT), minimizes heat soak, and provides increased performance!  The system is a direct bolt-on upgrade that requires no trimming and is recommended at every stage of performance.  APR pioneered the OEM-location direct-replacement intercooler system in 2006.  Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, many intercooler designs appear the same.  However, effectiveness of the system and overall performance are greatly determined by several key metrics.  Alloy selection, end tank design, construction type, fin style, fin density and overall core dimensions must be analyzed and balanced accordingly to deliver class-leading performance.  While the OEM‚¬„¢s goal is to create a lightweight, easy to manufacture and inexpensive to produce, cross-platform design capable of supporting factory power levels, APR‚¬„¢s intercooler must be capable of supporting more than double the factory output.  Achieving this goal took a multi-step approach focused around intercooler core selection, end tank design and install location.

The APR Intercooler core is a large bar-and-plate design featuring densely packed staggered and louvered fins.  This design offers exceptional cooling while balancing pressure loss across the core, and maintaining critical airflow to the components behind the intercooler system.  The core size was appropriately matched to the platform, minimizing pressure drop while leaving adequate space for appropriately designed end tanks.  To APR‚¬„¢s mechanical engineering experts, the design represented the ultimate in performance, far exceeding the capabilities of the factory intercooler.  To the driver, the result is simple: Repeatable performance, even in the most demanding of situations!

To fully utilize the massive core, APR‚¬„¢s mechanical engineers designed cast aluminum end tanks organically shaped for proper airflow distribution across the entire core.  By correctly sizing the intercooler core, end tank design was not sacrificed.  The one-piece end tanks are CNC machined to provide a slip resistant mounting surface for hoses, precise integrated mounting surfaces, and perfectly flat connecting surfaces used for TIG welding the tanks to the core.  Through proper alignment in welding jigs, each unit is assembled to tight tolerances for a precise and accurate fit.


  • Dramatically lowers intake air temp (IAT)
  • Increases horsepower while minimizing power-robbing heat soak
  • Effectiveness tested to over 500 HP
  • 21 horsepower gain over the factory system
  • Massive core size
  • Utilizes factory air dams
  • 100% compatible with the Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Highly effective Bar-and-plate Design
  • Low pressure drop
  • Smooth cast end tanks
  • No hidden labor costs or permanent modifications
  • No trimming or cutting required
  • Designed by engineers with lasers


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