APR Mobile OBD-II Dongle

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APR Mobile installs on smart phones, tablets and other devices and provides a wireless connection to the vehicle's engine control unit or ECU.  Once connected, the device can be used to access APR's EMCS program switching features, read and clear fault codes and data log the ECU at high data rates not found on other commercially available tools.  The app can also be used to access APR's latest news articles, locate dealers in APR'Snetwork and review previously saved data logging sessions.

With direct access to the ECU, APR Mobile has the ability to support and interact with any functionality APR codes into the OEM ECU.  That which is available today is only the beginning!


  • Switch between factory and performance software
  • Read and erase diagnostic trouble codes
  • Display data parameters
  • Log live data
  • Lock or unlock the ECU
  • Enter security code
  • View VIN and ECU serial number
  • Select valet mode
  • Adjust programming for different octane fuels
  • Turn the resident anti-theft program on or off
  • Access APR tech support (internet access required)


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