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APR Turbo Muffler Delete and Turbo Outlet Hose MK8 GTI

APR Turbo Muffler Delete and Turbo Outlet Hose MK8 GTI

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The APR Turbo Muffler Delete and Turbo Outlet Hose takes a multiple step approach to upgraded these components which results in a much larger and smoother airflow path than simply upgrading each component on its own. The turbo Muffler is designed to soften sound from the turbocharger, taking away the sounds enthusiasts enjoy. We do away with this and in doing so we eliminate a restriction path that causes turbulence and reduces performance. The outlet of the muffler delete has a cross sectional area 66% larger than stock. By upgrading both the hose and muffler delete at the same time, we're able to dramatically increase the size of the system to match the size of the other hoses and pipes in the charge air system, just like on the higher output Golf R / S3 Models. Unlike some components on the market, the APR system retains the critical PCV vent path on the muffler delete for necessary for proper engine operation. Because a critical seal is not necessary due to the need for a PCV path, the muffler delete is created from a solid piece of billet aluminum with a satin black finish and no need for extra gaskets.

Attached to the turbo muffler delete is the APR Turbo Outlet Hose, which replaces the factory rubber hose and worm-gear clamps with a high quality multi-ply silicone hose and strong Clampco T-bolt clamps. The hose has a cross sectional area 66% larger than stock thanks to upgrading both the turbo muffler delete and outlet hose at the same time. The interior of the hose is smooth and lined with a fluorosilicone material designed to resist oil degradation and extend component life. EZ-Flow stepped lips within the hose allows for a smooth connection from hose to pipe for uninterrupted airflow. We pay close attention to the airflow path and provide as few bends and tight radius turns as possible. Furthermore the hose material adheres to its mating surface under high temperature to help create a stronger leak and slip free connection. This all results in a more reliable setup and increased performance through a larger, smooth, and strong uninterrupted airflow path. The turbo muffler delete is compatible with the factory turbo and the hose is compatible with both OEM and upgraded APR charge pipes.


  • Direct replacement parts
  • Complete system replaces the factory turbo muffler and outlet hose
  • Increases outlet cross sectional area 66% by replacing both parts
  • Reduces outlet restriction
  • Increases performance through increased size, smooth airflow paths, and reduced boost leak points
  • Enhanced turbocharger sound
  • Faster turbocharger spool with better power delivery
  • CNC machined billet aluminum muffler delete
  • Integrated PCV vent path
  • Satin black finish on the turbo muffler delete
  • Multi-ply silicone hose construction resists swelling and tearing
  • Fluorosilicone interior hose surfaces for oil degradation resistance
  • Strong Clampco T-bolt clamps for a secure high-boost connection
  • EZ-Flow stepped interior lips for a smooth airflow path
  • Full 60mm setup
  • Black finish on the hose
  • Emissions Friendly


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