ARB Double Roller Drawer Kit Ford Ranger 2019 +

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The ARB Double Roller Drawer Kit uses great components to ensure a great use. An anti-rollback system locks drawers in their full open position. This ensures that the drawers will stay open and will not roll around freely and put stress on your system. A slam shut latch also stops accident roll out when closed, so your drawers also won't experience stress this way. To keep your cargo secure and stationary, an anti-rattle locking mechanism stops movement. Components are also kept pristine because of stainless steel runners. The components and carpet are both UV stable and will last a long time.


Fitment: 2019-2022 Ford Ranger SuperCrew w/ camper, canopy or tonneau cover


Not recommended for exterior use: these drawers are only recommended for use on trucks equipped with a tonneau cover, canopy, or topper. Full exposure to the elements is not recommended.


Does not come with storage panels: this part number only includes the two central bed drawers


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