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ATP Turbo GTX2871R Focus ST 2013+

ATP Turbo GTX2871R Focus ST 2013+

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The ATP Turbo GTX2871 is the slightly bigger brother to the GTX2867. It will provide a lot of top end power and will be best suited for those wanting only to do mild fuel system upgrades in the future. 
The ATP Turbo GTX2871 is going to see full spool on the Focus ST between 3700rpms and 4000rpms. Despite being able to make quite a bit more power than the factory K03, the ATP GTX2871 will actually be less stressful on other factory components due to the torque not peaking till much later in the rpm range. 

This Turbo is on our shop car and with 93 octane it put down 350whp and with aux fuel/ethonal it puts down over 430whp



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