ATP Turbo GTX3076R Gen 2 Focus ST 2013+

ATP Turbo GTX3076R Gen 2 Focus ST 2013+

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The ATP Turbo GTX3076 is going to see full spool on the Focus ST's 2.0L between 3900rpms and 4500rpms. Despite being able to make quite a bit more power than the factory K03, the ATP GTX3076 will actually be less stressful on other factory components due to the torque not peaking till later in the rpm range. However if you turn it up to truly maximize the potential of this turbo, a built motor is definitely recommend for your Focus ST.
The ATP GTX3076 will be most comfortable at a power level in the range of 500 to 600whp with Aux Fuel or Meth injection, a built motor, and appropriate tuning.

- Stock Location, Direct Bolt-on
- Internally Wastegated
- Built-in external wastegate port (Tial MVS) for future expansion. Capoff provided
- V-band flanged turbo adapter
- Any stock turbo flanged downpipe will fit
- Any stock placement intake pipe will fit. Adapter elbow provided.
- Any stock placement charge pipe will fit
- New steel braided oil feed and coolant lines provided
- Fits stock oil drain tube
- Standard polished compressor housing



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