BedSlide 1000 CL Bed Drawer System (5ft Bead) Ford Ranger 2019 +

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The BedSlide 1000 CL is built from the ground up to be extremely durable and tough all while giving you a ton of organization options and ways to carry all of your stuff. Each 1000 CL drawer system is made from high-quality laser-cut steel for an excellent fit and unheard of strength. The 1000 CL features both adjustable tie downs and containment walls that can easily be removed if you need some extra space for bulky cargo. If you want to add even more gear to your BedSlide, BEDTRAX T-Slots are included to attach sports racks to your system. A rubberized skid-proof WeatherDeck works with the tie downs and walls to keep your cargo and gear held firmly in place while driving and sliding the drawer in and out of your truck. Two 3,282 lb static rated Cam Follower bearings on a load bearing end with two ball sealed roller bearings help as guides. The 1000 CL comes standard with a full-length grab bar so you can operate the drawer from either side of your truck, as well as a dual-pin latch to eliminate binding. The system can be locked into place in multiple positions along its rail to give you a stable platform for work or unloading your hardware. This kit includes a full set of installation hardware and instructions.


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