Boomba Racing Adjustable Bypass Valve Ford Focus ST 2013+

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For adjustability this piece has three threaded holes, we ship this piece with all of the holes plugged. This makes the piece full recirculating. For fine tuning and venting to atmosphere, remove and add screws as desired to reach the amount of venting or recirculation you are looking for.


Want the added strength and performance of our Blow Off Valve but not the biggest fan of the added noise? Search no longer!


Introducing the Boomba Racing Fully Adjustable Bypass Valve.


This piece is very similar to our Blow Off Valve, but rather than venting to atmosphere, this vents back to intake with all of the screws in, and offers partial venting with screws removed.


Also, for all you Europe Spec/MAF tuned cars: THIS PIECE IS 100% SAFE TO RUN!


*For USDM [MAP Tuned] Spec Vehicles and EU [MAF Tuned] Spec Vehicles*


No aftermarket tuning required. Will work on stock tune or aftermarket tunes.


This high performance VTI (vent to intake) bypass valve is precision machined out of aircraft grade billet aluminum. It features an internal brass piston design and is pressure tested to withstand up to 75psi, allowing it to compliment even the most aggressive turbo builds. Spring pre-load determines the pressure differential required across the piston before the BOV opens and releases the pressurized intake charge. Designed to be a replacement for the OEM bypass valve and is available in 4 different colors. No adjustment or maintenance is necessary.


Installation is simple and all mounting hardware is included. As always this product is designed and manufactured 100% in-house in the USA.


Available in your choice of color: Onyx Black, Royal Blue, Race Red, or Pure Aluminum


Compatible with ONLY the Ford 2.0L EcoBoost OEM Turbo.



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