COBB Coolant Hose Reroute Kit MK8 GTI

COBB Coolant Hose Reroute Kit MK8 GTI

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The COBB Coolant Hose Reroute Kit is constructed of a custom formed 3-ply silicone hose that reroutes coolant underneath your car's intake duct. Two included clamps ensure a uniform and leak-free installation. The bespoke integrated check valve prevents coolant back flow from the turbocharger and does not require you to remove the factory check-valve before installation.

NOTE: This hose is INCLUDED with our Redline Carbon Fiber Intake System.


The factory hose that runs from your car's upper radiator hose bypass fitting to the expansion tank metal return line runs over the top of the intake scoop. This can be unsightly or interfere with installation of aftermarket intake systems.

The COBB Coolant Reroute Kit for supported MQB vehicles takes an alternate route underneath the intake for a more visually appealing and clean install.


  • Black 3-Ply Silicone Construction
  • Integrated Check-Valve
  • Includes New Clamps


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