cp-e™ Atmosphere Exhaust Manifold Ford Focus ST

cp-e™ Atmosphere Exhaust Manifold Ford Focus ST

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Want to use your own turbo and downpipe? We won’t stop you, but why not use our 2.0L EcoBoost manifold from the Focus ST Exhaust Manifold as a base for the build? Now you can get the exhaust manifold from our awesome Atmosphere™ kit but without the rest of the kit. This exhaust manifold is proven with countless track passes and hours of testing.

Whether you have a Focus ST, a Fusion 2.0L, or even an Escape with the 2.0L, this is the exhaust manifold for you. This robust turbo manifold is the perfect starting point for building a custom turbo kit.

So you’ve got the bolt-ons, you’ve got the tune, but it still just isn’t enough, right? Don’t let this keep you up at night, because your need for speed can now be completely fulfilled. The exhaust manifold for the 2.0L EcoBoost is a simple part, but an incredibly important one. Our kit is based around the Tial V-Band system and uses their proven flange. Additionally, you can use a Precision turbo with our Precision exhaust manifold.

Turbo Flange Choices

The choice is yours! Whether you want a Precision turbo or a Tial Turbo, we have the solution. This Focus ST Exhaust Manifold is available with either a Tial V-Band flange or a Precision flange. This opens up access to a ton of turbos and you can build the perfect kit for your power goals.

Here at cp-e™ we know that you don’t want to go faster, but instead you need to go faster. That need is why countless hours in R&D are spent to develop the last turbo kit that you will ever need to look at for your Focus ST. Regardless of the turbo flange choice, this manifold is provisioned for TiAL MV-R 44mm wastegate or equivalent.

Focus ST Exhaust Manifold Features

  • Cast Turbo Manifold
  • Necessary gaskets, screws, clamps, couplers, and fittings
  • Minimal welding used to eliminate failure points
  • Tial V-Band turbo flange or Precision Flange
  • Provisioned for TiAL MV-R 44mm wastegate or equivalent

The turbo exhaust manifold is cast 304 stainless steel, and is designed to allow for the most efficient exhaust flow possible, working around the limitations of the factory “headifold” design.

Not California emissions compliant | No implied CARB certification | Off-road use only

CALIFORNIA WARNING:Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov



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