Damond Motorsports Oil Catch Can kit Stage 1 Focus ST 2013 +

Damond Motorsports Oil Catch Can kit Stage 1 Focus ST 2013 +

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The Damond Motorsports Oil Catch Can kits come with everything needed for an optimized Oil Catch Can system. An oil catch can is, in a sense, a filter for the positive crankcase ventilation system. The oil catch can(OCC for short) is used to tap and contain blow-by oils and condensed crankcase gases, that would otherwise flow throughout the PCV system back into the intake tract, and allows for draining of these fluids remotely. With the addition of an OCC kit, blow-by oils and gasses are routed to the OCC, allowing them to be captured. This prevents the blow-by from entering the intake system, where it would otherwise contaminate the clean air entering the engine. Cleaner air leads to better combustion, more power, better fuel economy, less detonation, and less oily build-up on the valves. 

What sets the Damond Motorsports OCC kits apart from the rest, is that we fully test our OCC components, to insure the best OCC set-up for your vehicle. Only high quality components are used in the Damond Motorsports OCC kits. Our OCC kits come tailored to fit your Focus ST perfectly, for a no-hassle, quick and simple instillation. We utilize the same quick connectors Ford uses, to ensure a factory-tight seal, as well as an easy install. All the fittings and hoses are pre-assembled on our end, so there's less work for you. And we use push-lock fittings, ensuring a tight seal that requires no need for tons of hose clamps.

Every DM Stage 1 OCC kit includes a check valve(at no additional cost), to prevent boost from possibly entering the crankcase, via the prone to leaking OEM PCV valve. The check valve allows for a 1-way operation of the OCC system, keeping everything under vacuum, to better help vent the crankcase, and keep unwanted pressure and blow-by from exiting the valve cover port.
The DM Stage 1 OCC kit connects into the intake manifold/PCV valve hose connection. Most oily blow-by contaminates travel this path from boost into vacuum transitions, where crankcase pressure has the potential to be greater, then the system immediately turns to a slight vacuum. This causes a fine oily mist that would otherwise flow into the intake manifold. With the DM Stage 1 OCC kit in place, the hoses route the blow-by to the OCC, where they can be filtered and cleaner air is sent back into the manifold. In turn the primary benefits are: cleaner air mixture, and less oily build-up on the valves and in the intake manifold.  

Included in each Damond Motorsports Stage 1 OCC kit:
-A Damond Motorsports OCC 
-OEM quick-connect hose connectors
-Quick-opening/high-flowing check valve, assembled/sealed with fittings
-Pre-cut oil and vacuum resistant hoses, fully assembled with fittings (black, blue, yellow, or red)
-Location specific bracket, and mounting hardware to mount the OCC off the intake manifold or under the air cleaner box
-Slim stainless steel hose clamps
-Zip ties to keep the hoses at bay
-Drain barb and hose included

The DM OCC features:
-Fully welded external aluminum structure. Welded on ports for a nice clean look, and to keep weight at a minimum. 
-Layers and layers and layers of perforated baffle plates, allowing a large surface area for blow-by vapors to latch onto and keep the intake tract clean. The bottom layer features an oil scraper. Blow-by is forced directly onto the scraper, while the air is pushed around the sides of the can to the back of the lower chamber. The air is then drawn up diagonally through 3 more perforated plates, before it exits the top chamber. 
-A super easy to use high flowing drain valve. 
-Powder coated for enhanced durability. 
We now offer the ST Stage 1 OCC kit in two different mounting locations.
Mounting location 1:
-DM OCC is mounted off the intake manifold sound symposer support hole
-Very easy to drain, as the drain valve can be accessed from atop the engine
-Quick install, mostly from above the engine
-The factory top engine cover does not interfere with the OCC
-Minimal hose lengths, minimal hose routing
-Sound symposer delete is needed, however we offer one here
-Only works with the factory intake manifold

Mounting location 2:
-DM OCC is mounted off the frame rail underneath the intake
-The DM OCC is mounted low and out of the way
-Works with aftermarket intake manifolds
-Sound symposer does not need to be removed or deleted
-Draining is easiest from below the car with the undertray removed
-Longer install time, mostly from underneath the car
-Longer hoses and more hose routing



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