Damond Motorsports PCV Plate

Damond Motorsports PCV Plate

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What does the Damond Motorsports PCV Plate do, and what does it offer?

The DM PCV plate is a fully machined replacement of the factory PCV oil separator plate, with a port machined to accept an OEM Ford PCV valve and o-ring, as well as two other 3/8” NPT ports, thus allowing you to run a variety of PCV and OCC set-ups.

Incorporating a PCV valve port onto our plate means you are able to retain the correct amount of vacuum on the crankcase, under all engine vacuum conditions. With the additional NPT ports, you’re now able to easily and cleanly run dual OCC set-ups in whatever configuration that suits your car best to relieve excess crankcase pressure. The PCV valve is held into the the DM PCV plate with a retaining ring, allowing for easier install and removal of the valve. 

For more info on different dual OCC set-ups, please visit our blog page here


Each Damond Motorsports PCV plate comes with the following: 

2 x 3/8" barb to 3/8"NPT elbow fittings

2 x 3/8"NPT plug fittings

1 x stainless steel retaining ring

1 x OEM size o-ring for the PCV valve

8 x high grade mounting bolts


Optional extras that can be purchased along with the PCV plate: 

OEM Ford Genuine Parts gasket

PCV valve plug, for dry sump set-ups or if you plan to run a straight vented set-up with the PCV valve deleted



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