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Denso Iridium Power Spark Plug ITV22 (One Step Colder)

Denso Iridium Power Spark Plug ITV22 (One Step Colder)

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Denso's patented U-Groove technology gives the flame a groove to grow in inside the electrode where as a standard flat electrode crushes and prevents the flame from growing. This allows for more complete combustion even in the event of a lean air/fuel mixture.

Iridium alloy is combined with Rhodium to make for much better oxidation wear characteristics. The Iridium allows for a much higher melting point than a Platinum plug and has much higher strength and hardness than other Platinum plugs.

A laser welding process is used to join the iridium alloy to the nickel base. This is the only way enough heat can be developed to correctly mate the two materials together. Extremely reliable seal allowing for amazing wear characteristics of the plug

World's smallest center electrode of 0.4mm

Heat Range Guide:

ITV20 - Stock heat range

ITV22 - One step colder than stock (recommended for increased boost levels)

ITV24 - Two step colder than stock



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