GFB DV+ Diverter Valve Ford Ranger 2019 +

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  • Helps prevent boost leaks and improves reliability
  • Replaces plastic eBOV components with CNC machined parts
  • Features OE-style recirculation without a VTA
  • Billet aluminum body with black finish
  • Reuses stock solenoid and connector
  • Easy drop-in, plug-and-play install
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Go Fast Bits DV+ Diverter Valve for 2019 + Ford Rangers with 2.3L EcoBoosts provides your Ranger with improved reliability over the stock eBOV without adding a "racer" style vent-to-atmosphere sound to your rugged Ranger build. The GFB DV+ Diverter Valve replaces the core components of your 2019 + Ranger's factory BOV with much more durable parts and valving while still retaining the factory electronic solenoid and wiring connector so that you get an easy, drop-in, plug-and-play installation while keeping PCM control over venting. The GFB DV+ Diverter Valve will help prevent pressure leaks, especially if you're running an aggressive tune or other turbo upgrades that increase boost pressure so that your Ranger is always running at its best.

The DV+ Diverter Valve is built around a CNC machined billet aluminum body that's topped off with a black powder coat finish that gives the Diverter Valve a great look and complete resistance from corrosion. The DV+ Diverter Valve features a revised internal design that's able to better modulate venting during partial throttle so that you get less lag and improved response. The DV+ comes standard with CNC machined valves and piston that give vastly improved long-term reliability over the stock eBOV, even when running extra boost pressure from tuning and/or other turbo system upgrades. The DV+ accepts the stock electronic solenoid and wiring plug so that you don't have to tap a mechanical boost source. GFB includes all necessary installation hardware and instructions. The DV+ is even backed by a GFB limited lifetime warranty.



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