ICON Tubular Delta Joint Upper Control Arms (Aluminum Knuckles) Ford Ranger 2019 +

ICON Tubular Delta Joint Upper Control Arms (Aluminum Knuckles) Ford Ranger 2019 +

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To make the most of your Ford Ranger lift upgrade, consider adding some aftermarket upper control arms to strengthen and improve ICON's great coilover package. The CNC Tubular Steel Upper Control Arms from ICON will do exactly this! With a black semi-gloss powder coat, the tubular UCA looks great and resists corrosion caused from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Its CNC mandrel bent 1026 DOM steel tubing holds up against any serious off-roading you plan on doing after adding a leveling kit. Each set of arms comes standard with polyurethane mounting bushings, and the mount housings feature zerk fittings for re-greasing. ICON upper control arms additionally allow for 35% more wheel travel when paired with extended travel coilovers. A great upgrade that the UCAs provide is its engineered built-in caster correction. This fix allows for the best alignment specifications and drastically improves handling. Further success can be contributed to the patent pending Delta Joint technology; which gives you the durability and weather resistance of a ball joint while getting the performance of a uniball.

The heavy duty, high angle Delta Ball Joint takes articulation and longevity to the next level. Stock joints do articulate with minimal bind, but can break down when used daily due to elemental wear and tear. The Delta Joint solves this issue with its zinc plated housing and a tough grease seal, which both work together to keep unwanted contaminants out of the joint's inner crevices. This brilliant design keeps the joint fresher longer and even allows for quieter operation than stock. With the robustness of a uniball and the articulation of a ball joint, the Delta Joint is a no-brainer.


Fitment: These UCAs will only fit Rangers with cast aluminum spindles, and will not fit Rangers with cast steel spindles. Please verify your truck's spindle/knuckle type before ordering.


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