Integrated Engineering FDS V2 Intercooler MK7/MK8 Golf R/GTI

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IE FDS intercoolers are powered by the massive (425mmX621mmX70mm) all-new bar & fin core.  This gives you 137% more core volume over the stock intercooler and brings you incredibly efficient cooling properties to combat heat soak, lower intake air temperatures, and keep you in the highest power output possible from your ECU tune and performance hardware upgrades.  This is the single largest intercooler on the market today.

Manufacturing the largest intercooler on the market is not easy and leaves no room for mistakes.  After the end tanks are meticulously in-house CNC machined, the core and tanks are combined with incredible precision TIG welding.  Every single intercooler goes through a multi-point critical inspection and is tested on our leak-down station before shipping.  This work ensures a reliable product that it is ready to install.

Despite it's size and features, the IE FDS intercooler is a perfect OEM replacement and requires no modifications to install.  Mounting points for the factory radiator and intercooler mounts are machined in.  Stainless steel mount brackets are included for an improved and stronger condenser mount.  Everything around the performance unit remains untouched and installs as if it were a factory piece.


  • Largest Intercooler on the market
  • 137% larger than OEM
  • 74% lower intake temperatures than OEM
  • 9% lower pressure drop than OEM
  • Bar & Fin core
  • Dimensions: 425mmX621mmX70mm


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