Integrated Engineering Harsh Climate 5" Air Filter & Sock

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Upgrading your IE 5" velocity stack intake with our harsh climate filter kit will further keep your engine safe when traveling on dirt roads, sandy beaches, or anywhere with dusty contaminants in the air.

This complete filter kit uses a 3 step approach to combat harsh climates.  The filter has been increased from a 6 pleat construction to 8 pleats to increase cotton density.  The cotton pleats are then treated with a penetrating filter oil to further catch and trap particulates.  As a final measure, a pre-filter sock adds a final layer of protection over the filter.  Together, these 3 barriers offer superior filtration for your intake system over our standard performance air filter.

As the air filter does its job of effectively catching more particulates, eventually it will have to be cleaned and maintained.  We recommend washing your cotton filter in water with a little Dawn dish soap, rinsing thoroughly, and allowing it to completely air dry.  To replace the oil, any off-the-shelf filter oil kit from your local auto parts supply chain can be used.  Do not over-oil the filter, a little goes a long way.


  • 3 barrier protection
  • 8 pleat construction for greater density
  • Oil treated
  • Easily cleaned and maintain


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