JLT Driver's Side 3.0 Oil Separator Ford Ranger 2019 +

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Keeping PCV oil blow-by out of your 2019 + Ford Ranger 2.3L's engine can help your Ecoboost run that much cleaner, and JLT's 3.0 Driver's Side Oil Separator is your truck's winning ticket. JLT's 3.0 Oil Separator is an all-around improvement on their older oil catch can systems with three times the capacity and an improved internal separator design all in a convenient, plug-and-play, and hassle-free package that JLT is known for. The JLT 3.0 Oil Separator offers up a great way to keep engine PCV oil blow-by out of your truck's intake stream which helps maximize your truck's rated fuel octane and helps keep your throttle body and intake manifold cleaner to avoid reliability and maintenance problems. The JLT 3.0 Oil Separator easily drops into place of your truck's driver's side PCV line, allowing you to get cleaner air into your awesome Ecoboost motor in practically no time.

Each JLT 3.0 Oil Separator features high-quality construction in a simple, drop-in package so that you can give your truck efficient PCV oil separation in only a few minutes. The 3.0 Oil Separators are built around a CNC machined billet aluminum catch can with three fluid ounces of fluid capacity, which is triple of JLT's original can designs. The has a completely redesigned, multi-stage internal oil separation system that is much more effective at both capturing and percolating oil blow-by vapors so that your engine runs at its absolute best. Each oil separator kit comes with pre-cut PCV lines topped off with plug-and-play PCV fittings that allow you to drop the can right into place of your stock PCV line. The can has a knurled base that allows you to easily unscrew it for emptying capture oil and moisture.



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