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Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can Ford Ranger 2019 +

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While the 2.3L Ecoboost is a decently powerful engine, but its direct-injection design that gives it this power also increases the chance of carbon buildup. These hard carbon deposits increase until your EcoBoost becomes less air-efficient, which reduces power and fuel economy, as well as the potential for a misfire. In order to maintain the quality of your 2019 + Ford Ranger's engine, we suggest adding a Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can. The whole point of this product is to help crankcase gasses flow like normal while adding in a filter that helps clean out potentially harmful fuel, oil, and water vapors. The only thing that will move through your intake will be clean air. The internal air diverter additionally increases air turbulence for better oil separation. This three fl oz capacity catch can is created with a CNC-machined lid with M16 x 1.5 inlets and outlets that help your crankcase breathe. Mishimoto also created this catch can to be easily drained and cleaned when the need arises.

Mishimoto engineered this product to be a direct fit for your truck. They include a custom 2.5mm steel bracket that mounts the can in an easy to access location under the hood without any drilling or cutting. The position keeps the can isolated from engine vibration and thus lengthens its lifespan. The can itself is powder coated black and gusseted to help withstand the various rigorous elements it may come across being under the hood. Included with the can itself is a a set of direct-fit hoses, CNC-machined aluminum barbed fittings, gear clamps, zip ties and mounting hardware. The barbed fittings allow for a secure connection between the lines and the can. Mishimoto recommends that you use 22 in-lbs of torque for your worm-gear clamps and you should not exceed 27 in-lbs.



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