Mishimoto Intercooler Pipe & Boot Kit Ford Ranger 2019 +

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  • Improves airflow from turbo to motor
  • Larger and more efficient hot and cold side tubing
  • High-quality silicone boots and couplers
  • Mandrel-bent aluminum tubing with wrinkle black finish
  • Comes with clamps and installation hardware
  • Drop-in replacement for stock tubing
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty

The Mishimoto Intercooler Pipe and Boot Kit for 2019 + Rangers helps get more air flowing both into and out of your Ranger's factory intercooler, giving your truck improved response and helping you gain some performance with the right modifications and tuning. The Mishimoto Intercooler Pipes are both larger and more efficiently designed than stock and come with high-quality boots that can handle aggressive tuning or even upgraded turbochargers. The Mishimoto Ranger Intercooler tubes install right into place of the stock intercooler pipes and boots without the need for any drilling, cutting, or permanent modifications to your truck. The kit also doesn't even require tuning, making the kit a hassle-free upgrade for any Ranger build.

The Mishimoto Ranger Intercooler pipe kit features high-quality components that give your truck a great fit to go along with a bump in performance. Mishimoto's manufactures the tubing itself out of mandrel-bent aluminum tubing that is both larger than stock and features smoother bends to help reduce restrictions. The hot-side tubing features 26.4% more volume than stock and improves flow by up to 25.6%. The cold-side tubing features 13.7% more volume than stock and improves flow by up to 16.6%. The tubes are topped off with a Winkle Black powder coat finish that gives them a clean look under your Ranger's hood. The boots included in this kit are made using Mishimoto's high-quality silicone boots with DuraCore™ technology that provides excellent resistance to heat, pressure, fuel, and oils. The Intercooler Pipe and Boot Kit comes with high-torque worm gear clamps and all the other hardware required for installation. Each kit is backed by a Mishimoto limited lifetime warranty.



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