Rally Armor Mud Flaps MK8 Golf GTI and R

Rally Armor Mud Flaps MK8 Golf GTI and R

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No driver likes to hear or see road pollutants battering dirty debris onto one’s car. Over time, the toxic effects of sharp objects pelting a vehicle’s finish and spraying corrosive trash at surrounding vehicles takes it toll. What was once nubile and dewy irreversibly becomes sagging, wrinkled, sun-spotted flesh. A little surface maintenance could have limited the abuse, so lesson learned, protect key assets before it’s too late.

This is the practical argument for high quality, well-designed mud flaps by a trusted manufacturer known for producing everlasting, made in the USA parts. Volkswagen Golf GTI and R owners have entrusted Rally Armor mud flaps to protect in years past and return when new model years debut. The logic behind this loyalty is Rally Armor makes the best in quality and construction, no need to worry about the unsightly and physical decomposition of bargain mud flaps.

Note that the best in strength and shelf-life plastic is polyurethane, which is what Rally Armor uses to manufacture its UR line out of. Add no-drill and Volkswagen Golf GTI and R specific mounting brackets and hardware into the formula for a dewy, blemish free vehicle finish.



  • Minimizes damage done to vehicles by grit, gravel, mud, rocks, snow, salt, tar, etc.
  • Tear resistant polyurethane construction
  • Mud flaps available in Red and Black
  • Made in the USA


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