Roush Fender Flare Kit with Magnetic Metallic Finish Ford Ranger 2019 +

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Fender flares may add a sexy, tougher look to the 2019 + Ford Ranger, but they also are very useful to protect your truck. Roush's Fender Flare Kit serves as a very stylish protector with its 0.67" of extra width on each side of your Ranger. With four fender flares, each of your wheel wells will be protected from abuse. The flares are designed to deflect and shield your truck from rocks, mud and other debris kicked up by your new, larger tires. The flares come in a magnetic metallic finish to match the Ranger's original fender flare finish. This helps the flares blend in but also have so much more attitude. The kit also comes with an LED light kit and wiring to keep the Ranger compliant with vehicle safety regulations. Mounting hardware is also included for proper fitment.


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