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SCT BDX Handheld Tuner

SCT BDX Handheld Tuner

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You and your vehicle deserve a convenient way to get powerful ECU tuning loaded up so that your motor of choice throws down a bunch of extra horsepower and torque, and the SCT BDX offers up the ability to download the tunes you need over any WiFi connection with its unique Cloud Tuning System designed by SCT and Bully Dog. On top of the convenience of Cloud Tuning, the SCT BDX features an intuitive menu interface, easy-to-use buttons, and the features you need to get you vehicle tuned and keep it adequately monitored for problems. The BDX is one of the most hassle-free tuning systems on the market, and makes the tuning process so simple that you'll think something's missing.

Each BDX tuner features a large, bright screen with straightforward button controls that's paired with built-in WiFi and specialized firmware that takes full advantage of Bully Dog and SCT's cloud tuning system. The BDX can connect to any WiFi network or WiFi hotspot that it then uses to download firmware updates and new tunes. The BDX can also hold up to 10 custom tunes which your custom tuner of choice can drop right into the device using your SCT and Bully Dog's Cloud Tuning System. The BDX makes needing to hook the device up to your home PC for firmware updates and new tune downloads a thing of the past, saving you time and headaches with computer capability and driver issues. The BDX has a very easy to use menu system that's simple to navigate so that you can find anything you need in a matter of seconds. The large screen of the BDX makes it an adequate monitoring tool, and it can also read and clear DTC codes and datalog engine parameters. If you don't have home WiFi, the BDX comes with a USB cable for hooking to your home PC, as well as an OBD-II cable for connecting to your vehicle.



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