Texas Speed and Performance 416 CID Gen 5 LT1 Short-Block

Texas Speed and Performance 416 CID Gen 5 LT1 Short-Block

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Competition Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

Selected Options:

  • Texas Speed 4.00" Stroke Wet Sump Crank (25-LT1-4002100-WS)
  • TSP 6.125" H-Beam w/ ARP L19 Bolts, .927" Pin (25-TSP6125SHB-8)
  • Diamond 4.07" -22cc (112-920TS)
  • Standard Mahle or Diamond Pins
  • ARP Main Stud Kit
  • Plug AFM/DOD Stacks for Removal
  • Wet Sump Gear (11-CG10125)

Want to Customize Your build? Just reach out to us for all the options available for your dream build. Email us at Info@ESPerformance.com or Jimmy@ESPerformance17.com

Any TSP 416 LT1 will use a 4.070" bore piston set, unless otherwise noted. Custom builds are available. We offer multiple brands of connecting rods and crankshafts to suit any type of application. Feel free to give us a call, and we will be more than happy to put an itemized estimate together for you! We also offer additional discounts if you pay via a cashier's check or wire transfer. All engines will ship via truck freight, so if are purchasing online the shipping costs listed will NOT be correct! We will contact you with a shipping cost after your order has been placed. All prices listed do not include the applicable shipping costs! We also offer an expedite service to have your engine built and ready to ship in as little as five business days! The build time will vary according to parts availability. Give us a call for more information!

All TSP gen 5 LT1 engines will come standard with an ARP main stud kit. GM has had problems with the main caps moving in the gen 5 LT1 block, so we require all of our gen 5 LT1 engines to get the ARP main stud kit to help alleviate any possible issues with this. Also, we will assume that you will be removing the AFM/DOD system with your engine. As such, we will automatically plug the AFM/DOD stacks in the valley of your block during the machining process. If you plan to retain the AFM/DOD feature, please let us know so we can modify your build appropriately.

All TSP engines will include 12 quarts of break-in oil for no additional cost. Proper break-in oil and procedures for your engine are just as important as the build process! The break-in oil allows for proper ring sealing against the cylinder walls upon start-up, as well as for the break-in period once the engine is up and running. Most off-the-shelf engine oils do not have the necessary ZDDP additives to allow for proper break-in of a new engine, and we want to take every precaution possible to ensure that your new TSP engine receives a proper break-in! We also offer Driven Racing oil for your new engine once your break-in is complete. We recommend using the HR2 conventional non-synthetic.


***Shipping on motors is the only thing we don’t ship for free. Shipping cost will be calculated after the order is placed and sent in a separate invoice***




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