Texas Speed and Performance 416ci 6.2L LS3 Short Block

Texas Speed and Performance 416ci 6.2L LS3 Short Block "The Gunslinger"

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Competition Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use

25-TSP416LS3-STD 416ci 6.2L LS3 Short Block "The Gunslinger" 


416ci Short Block “The Gunslinger”

Introducing the Gunslinger! The latest release from our Brawler Engine Series, the Gunslinger can make you the quickest draw in all your showdowns! This stroker engine provides the extra cubic inches needed for high power while utilizing the light weight that comes from the 6.2 aluminum block. It uses our TSP forged rotating assembly, which is widely proven and ensures durability under the most demanding conditions.

The goal of our Brawler Engine Series is to provide customers with high quality engine choices that are ready to ship out in a few days. The same parts, machining, care and workmanship goes into these builds as our custom engine program. All engines are balanced, blueprinted and assembled in house to exacting TSP tolerances.

 Gunslinger build specifications:

  • 416ci / 6.82L
  • GM Gen IV Aluminum 6.2L Block
  • ARP Main Stud Kit
  • Texas Speed Forged 4.000” Crankshaft – 58x Reluctor – 6-Bolt
  • TSP/Wiseco 4.070” -3cc or -11cc Forged Pistons – can be used N/A or with power adders
  • TSP or K1 Technologies Forged 4340 Steel 6.125” H-Beam Connecting Rods
  • ARP L19 Rod Bolts
  • 1000 HP Capable


  • Every short block comes equipped with a 58x crank reluctor wheel. If using in a 24x equipped Gen 3 Vehicle. You will need a Lingenfelter Crank Sensor Conversion Box located in the drop down box above. Part no. # L460065397


**Cylinder heads and Camshaft can be added if a complete Longblock is wanted. If so, feel free to give our sales team a call and we can help configure it to your setup! Still will ship out very quickly!**

***Shipping on motors is the only thing we don’t ship for free. Shipping cost will be calculated after the order is placed and sent in a separate invoice***




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