Westin HDX Grille Guard Ford Ranger 2019 +

Westin HDX Grille Guard Ford Ranger 2019 +

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Grille guards need to look good on top of being functional. Westin designed this powder-coated mild steel grille guard to not only protect your truck's appearance, but improve it as well. This is a complete one-piece assembly expertly welded to provide superior protection of your grille and headlight area. Uprights are finished and protected with extra thick and wide rubber for a solid, durable and clean look and feel. This is one of the few grille guards that offers complete protection of your grille and headlights, and the only one that offers the rugged, heavy-duty style that this one does! With a black powder-coated frame, punch plate insert and polished "HDX" graphics, you can rest assured that this ultra-protective grille guard won't cramp your style one bit! Westin includes everything needed for a quick and easy installation with only minor trimming, including mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions.


Trimming Required: this grille guard will require minor trimming around the tow hook pockets for installation.


Interferes with front sensors: this grille guard interferes with both the optional OEM front parking sensors and Ford's Adaptive Cruise Control System.


Not compatible with stock skid plate: this grille guard is not compatible on Rangers with OEM skid plates.


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